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EV RE20 Professional Broadcast Announcer Voiceover Mic $10 Instant Coupon Use Promo Code: $10-OFF



EV RE20 Professional Broadcast Announcer Voiceover Mic $10 Instant Coupon Use Promo Code: $10-OFF

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Product Description

 RE20  EV 


 Professional Broadcast Mic 


The Electro-Voice RE20 is a professional-quality dynamic cardioid microphone created especially for recording, broadcast and sound-reinforcement applications requiring essentially flat response over a very wide frequency range. The wide frequency response, coupled with excellent transient response, make the RE20 easily comparable to the finest condenser cardioid microphones.  It has a smooth & accurate peak-free response, even up close, which makes it ideal in both the studio and in voice-over announcing booths.


The RE20's bass roll-off switch and EV’s Variable-D technology ensure true and accurate response across all frequencies without the up-close boominess associated with proximity effect. It gives the same response at varying distances. Variable-D® designed microphones, like the RE20, can be used very close to other sound sources with no loss in clarity or definition. This makes them the preferred choice for tight vocals and challenging instruments such as brass.


A true cardioid microphone, the RE20 offers greatest rejection at 180º off axis - directly to the rear of the microphone. Pattern control is so consistent that the frequency response is nearly independent of angular location of the sound source, creating virtually no off-axis coloration, yet providing greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. It can be used inside bass drums, on acoustic guitars, and is found in voice booths and broadcasting studios everywhere.


An integral blast and wind filter covers each acoustic opening on the RE20. In recording sessions or on stage, singers can “close talk” the microphone, singing with their lips almost touching the grille screen with no worry of “P-pops” or excessive sibilance. Part of the filter also shock mounts the internal microphone element, reducing the transfer of vibrations from external sources.


The exceptional performance of the RE20 is achieved by using a large Acoustalloy diaphragm in combination with an exceptionally low-mass aluminum voice coil. Using this diaphragm assembly, the RE20 is capable of reproducing extremely high sound pressure levels with no fear of the overload and distortion often experienced with phantom powered condensers. The RE20 will flawlessly in high humidity and elevated temperatures that would seriously degrade competitive condenser microphones.


A massive steel housing and effective hum-bucking coil assure the RE20’s resistance to magnetically induced hum and noise. This means the RE20 can be used successfully in situations where other microphones would experience unacceptable levels of hum and buzz. By exploiting the strength of its steel housing and employing a mechanical nesting concept, EV designers have created an exceptionally rugged microphone with superior handling noise rejection ideally suited for professional uses.


The bass-boosting proximity effect common to most directional microphones when used close to the sound source, is eliminated in the RE20 via the EV-exclusive Variable-D® technology.


The microphone is a cardioid type with an integral blast filter protecting all acoustic openings. The blast filter serves as a shock mount for the internal microphone element. The microphone has a wide-range uniform frequency response from 45-18,000 Hz. An integral passive network is provided so that when the filter switch is in the “on” position, low-frequency response shall tilt down 4.5 dB from 400-100 Hz. With switch in “off” position, microphone is essentially “flat” from 80Hz-6kHz, with a broad 2.5 dB rise in response from 6kHz-14kHz, and nominally down 3 dB at 18kHz.


Response below 80 Hz is nominally down 3 dB at 45 Hz. Output level is -57 dB (0 dB = 1 mW/Pascal). Nominal impedance of 150 ohms. Response at any angular position away from the major axis is essentially similar to the response on the major axis, but attenuated uniformly at all frequencies by an amount appropriate to that angular position.


Attenuation at frequencies from 45 Hz -10 kHz (refer to major axis signal value) exceeds 15 dB at 180° from major axis in any plane. Attenuation above 10 kHz exceeds 13 dB. Polar characteristics are sufficiently uniform in all planes so that it is, effectively, a cardioid of revolution. This microphone has a shield to prevent dust and iron particles from reaching the diaphragm. The case is made of steel. The microphone has a diameter of 54.4 mm (2.14 in.), a body diameter of 49.2 mm (1.94 in.) and a length of 216.7 mm (8.53 in.). A stand adapter is supplied.



  • Variable-D™ for minimal proximity effect

  • True cardioid with no coloration at 180° off-axis

  • Voice tailored frequency response

  • Studio condenser-like performance

  • Large diaphragm

  • Humbucking coil

  • Bass roll-off switch


  • Case Material: Steel

  • Connector Type: 3-pin XLR

  • Diameter (Max): 54 mm (2.13")

  • Element: Dynamic

  • Finish: Fawn Beige

  • Frequency Response: 45 Hz - 18 kHz

  • Impedance, Low-Z balanced: 150 Ohm

  • Mic Type: Vocal/Instrument

  • Open Circuit Voltage: 1.5 mV/Pascal

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid

  • Power Requirement: Passive

  • Height: 217 mm (8.54")

  • Weight (Net): 26 oz. (737 g)

SALE: $449.99




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