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Roland VR50HD MKII All in One Multi Format Audio Video Streaming Mixer with Touchscreen Monitor


Roland VR50HD MKII All in One Multi Format Audio Video Streaming Mixer with Touchscreen Monitor

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 Audio Video Mixer with Touchscreen Monitor 


The next generation of Roland's premier multi-format AV mixer, the VR-50HD MK II takes already impressive onboard processing and fast, fluid workflow to the next level, with updated capacities for streaming, high-definition sound, and automatic functions for audio and video tasks. You're going to be blown away not only with what you can do with the VR-50HD MK II but with how easy it is to do it. What Sweetwater AV techs really appreciate about the VR-50HD MK II is that as capable as it is, its just as useful if you have a full crew as it is if you're running the show solo. That's why the Roland VR-50HD MK II is such a great all-in-one video and audio mixer for house of worship, educational, and commercial, and entertainment applications.

All of the connections you need

HDMI, SDI, Component, Composite — if you need to get video into the VR-50HD MK II, then Roland's got you covered. With four channels of 1080p video mixing and all the inputs you could ask for, it really doesn't matter what kind of camera of video playback source you want to connect. What's more, the VR-50HD MK II features a quartet of newly designed preamps and some of Rolands best digital converters to date, so your audio will easily keep pace with your audio.

Streamlined interface speeds up your workflow

At Sweetwater, we've used generations upon generations of digital gear, from the clumsiest to the most ergonomic, and we're absolutely impressed by what the VR-50HD MK II has to offer. Roland knows as well as anyone that nobody like drilling down into menus to find important functions. But keeping all of its major functions right on the surface is only the beginning of what makes the VR-50HD MK II so easy to operate. The controls themselves are in a classic broadcast layout, so accessing the aux in, PinP mods, still images, and other essential visual processes is totally intuitive. Likewise, the audio mixer is perfectly familiar for anyone who's used a standard audio mixer, with advanced functions close at hand. Assign, mix, view, and affect all four video inputs and the 12-channel audio mixer all at the same time.

Properly prioritized audio mixing

In most video mixers, the audio mixer is basically a second-class citizen. Not so for the VR-50HD MK II. This mixer starts off strong with a variety of connection types. For instance, the four high-quality preamps feature combo inputs, making them flexible enough for mic and balanced line-level sources. You also get stereo pairs of 1/4" and RCA connections. What's more, the embedded audio that comes in via video sources shows up right along with the rest of the audio tracks. Top it off with exceptionally clear converters, and it's clear that the VR-50HD MK II was built to deliver audio worthy of its stunning video capabilities.

Automatic functions let you go hands off

Whether you need to juggle multiple mics in a panel discussion or multiple cameras when you not only the only one running the show but in it as well, the VR-50HD MK II's automatic functions keep you from getting hopelessly lost. To begin with, there's the VR-50HD MK II's DSP-driven Auto Mixer mix control algorithm, which automatically manages the levels of all four microphone channels. That means there's no need to ride the faders. What's more, the Auto Mixer pulls down unused microphone channels, which cuts out most of your typical noise issues.

When it comes to camera management, the VR-50HD MK II is remarkably powerful. Its Video Follows Audio function does exactly what it sounds like it does. You link video inputs with audio inputs. Then, when audio is detected above an adjustable threshold on an input, the video source switches to match. This is awesome if you're live streaming interviews and want to set up two or three cameras (maybe a couple OTS and a wide angle) to keep things visually interesting and make it look like you have a whole crew on staff.

Ideal for live streaming

Harnessing the full bandwidth of USB 3.0 the VR-50HD MK II is everything a modern video-for-web producer could ask for. Most importantly, it makes the process super easy. Plug it in, set your audio output, fire up your streaming app, and you're pretty much good to go. Want to capture video to your computer? No problem. Of course, the VR-50HD MK II will work with whatever NLE application you like, but if you just want to record a stream simply, Roland's Video Capture for VR makes it easy.

Roland VR-50HD MK II Multi-format AV Mixer Features:

  • All-in-one HD multi-format av mixer with built-in USB 3.0 for Web streaming and recording

  • 12-input, 4-channel video mixer includes still-channel multi-format switcher

  • Supports 3G/HD/SD SDI, HDMI, RGB/Component, and Composite video inputs up to 1080p (3G SDI)

  • Embedding of audio with delay settings for seamless productions

  • 12-channel digital audio mixer with XLR, TRS, and RCA jacks; audio from SDI and HDMI inputs

  • 4-layer Compositing of PinP, PinP/KEY, and Still allow you to create stunning visual displays

  • Built-in Preview Touch Monitor (7" graphic color LCD 800x480 dots)

  • External Multi-View Output through HDMI accommodates additional monitoring

  • HDCP support lets you input and switch HDCP-restricted commercial digital video

  • USB3.0 Video/Audio Output for web streaming and recording up to 1080p (uncompressed) 

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