APE LABS CAN 2.0 IP65 CREME ROADPACK (12) Wireless Battery LED Fixtures with Carry Bag

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 (12) Wireless IP65 Rechargeable LED Fixtures with Carry Bag 

The Ape Labs Can was one of the first inventions to come out of our German office. At the size of a soda can and built-in battery that lasts over 11 hours on max brightness, this tiny but mighty LED fixture helped build our reputation for innovation and build quality that's second to none.

The Can 2.0 IP is the most versatile product we have ever made. With at least 2x the brightness of the previous generation Can, and even more available accessories, possibilities are endless! Plus, the new AmberWhite LED technology allows color for reproduction that was never possible before. With 29 built-in color presets designed specifically for the event industry by industry professionals, the Can 2.0 allows the user to create incredible lighting designs with just the push of a button. Crafted in Germany with a careful balance of totally reengineered optics merged with the warmth of the AmberWhite LED technology, the Can 2.0 is an incredibly flexible fixture, excellent for uplighting, unique Fresnel effect uplighting, ambient lighting, dance floor lighting, stage lighting, design washes, table lighting, pin spotting, room washing, tube effects, and beyond.


  • 1x 15 Watt RGBaW with AmberWhite LED Technology (Now 2.27x Brighter at Same Wattage)

  • Single Color LUX as high as 3,460 @1m

  • Refreshed optics for optimal brightness without sacrificing battery life

  • Standard with Fresnel Effect Lens. Available Par Wash Optics: 10°, 15°, 25°, & 45°

  • 2.27x brightness of previous generation Can, 82% as bright as original Maxi (45 Watts)

  • 11+ hours of rechargeable battery life (all colors on, full power)

  • Solid State, Fanless operation

  • 29 carefully curated color presets designed for weddings & events

  • IP65 Rated for Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • Available in Anthracite Gray or Creme

  • Free standing or mountable via M6 Thread

  • For Permanent installations (non-battery), Check out the Coin 2.0

  • PWM (LED refresh rate) adjustable via smartphone app (500Hz to 4000Hz)

  • Compatible with smartphone app via Connect hardware

  • 100% Designed, Engineered, & Hand Assembled in Germany 

Control / Operation:

Ape Labs is known to "Keep it Simple" when it comes to controlling lights. A beginner with no instructions can typically operate an Ape Labs fixture within seconds of picking up an ApeRemote or opening the app. But its simplicity does not lack in features. Two of the most famous features are "Grouping" and "MusikMode".


  • Grouping allows the user to create DMX-Like shows on the fly by grouping any number of mixed & matched Ape Labs SKUs on up to four groups. Then being able to control groups individually or universally.

  • MusikMode will automatically create a music-based light show with the press of a button. It uses proprietary technology that analyzes the sound in the room and total number of Ape Labs fixtures to build a constantly evolving light show. Just don't call it "Sound Active".

  • Wireless DMX: 4, 7, or 8 Channel Modes (W-App / Connect required, 3900ft Range)

  • Wireless KNX (W-App / Connect required, 3900ft Range)

  • Wireless Android / iOS App (W-App / Connect required, 3900ft Range)

  • Wireless Remote Control (ApeRemote required, 200ft Range)

  • Wireless range increases as more fixtures are added since all lights repeat the signal

  • Pairing is possible with ApeRemotes or W-Apps to increase number of groups or universes in the room

  • Ape Labs Connect will save settings and programs to the cloud for cross device operations or community sharing

  • Free software/firmware updates via W-App or Connect 


  • Battery type in lamp Ni-MH 15.84 Wh

  • Made from stainless steel

  • Wavelength red = 622.5nm

  • Wavelength green = 522.5nm

  • Wavelength blue = 457.5nm

  • AmberWhite Color Temperature = 2700K

  • Color rendering in CRI (Ra) = 90

  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) = 500Hz - 4000Hz

  • Flicker free = Yes

  • Dimmable = Yes

  • Total lamp luminous flux = 545 lm

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