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MOTU ETHNO-2 21GB Library of Virtual World Ethnic Instruments


MOTU ETHNO-2 21GB Library of Virtual World Ethnic Instruments

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 Universal World Ethnic Instruments


Ethno Instrument Version 2 delivers expressive ethnic instrument sounds combined with authentic world music loops and phrases in one window. This massive 21GB library delivers all the exotic textures you need to take your recordings to the four corners of the globe.


Start with a huge library of multisample instruments from all over the world, recorded with pristine audio fidelity. Browse and search by category or geographic region. Now add hundreds of authentic loops and phrases, instantly tempo-locked to your host software time line. Slice loops with one click to trigger each beat from your keyboard, or drag & drop them directly into your host software tracks. Play authentic non-western tunings and scales using your favorite MIDI controller. Adjust sounds quickly with Ethno’s intuitive controls.


Place your music in real acoustic spaces, from primordial caves to towering forests to remote canyons, all faithfully reproduced with stunning realism by Ethno’s built-in convolution reverb processor.


Create entire songs with unlimited parts and mix them in Ethno or your host software via multiple outputs. Run Ethno stand-alone to turn your computer into a world instrument powerhouse with disk streaming and multiple outputs. Or load it as a plug-in that saves all settings with your host software sessions for instant recall.


Ethno's instrument presets give you access to individual notes as usual, played from your MIDI controller. Ethno Instrument provides over 875 instrument presets made up of over 26,000 samples.


New for Version 2: over 875 instrument presets

  • New sounds abound in Version 2 from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Balkans, the British Isles, Latin America, Australia, and many other locations around the globe.

  • Featured sounds include taiko drums, large African drums, thirty new instruments from India, hundreds of urban India loops (in the style of Slumdog Millionaire), Balkanish voices, Arabic voices, Persian voices, an extensive new collection of gongs and bells, extended cymbalum, and much more.


  • Instant access to 21 GB of world instrument sounds, loops and phrases together in one window.

  • Browse sounds by category or by region of the world.

  • Search for presets directly in the browser by typing any name or keyword text.

  • Create layered stacks in seconds.

  • Tempo-sync features let you browse & play loops in tempo with your music.

  • Sliced loops let you rearrange beats or play them via your MIDI controller.

  • Drag & drop audio phrases and loops directly into your host software, tempo-locked to your project time line.

  • Unique "Slice" button instantly divides loop into slices that you can play individually from your MIDI keyboard, drum pad or other MIDI controller.

  • Drag & drop sliced loops as MIDI data into MIDI tracks in your host software for unlimited reprogramming using the MIDI sequencing features of your host software.

  • Very high-quality loop and phrase time-stretching, even at extremely slow or fast tempos, with technology licensed from the IRCAM Institute for audio research in Paris.

  • Convolution reverb provides authentic acoustic spaces, from natural settings like caves and forests to spacious concert halls and soaring cathedrals.

  • Apply microtonal tuning and scales from around the globe to any Ethno instrument sound.

  • Download and import free Scala-format micro tuning files from the internet, or create your own micro tuning scales.

  • Advanced programming for live performance, including key switching, velocity crossfades and zone splits.

  • Many key switch presets for expressive performance of many instruments.

  • Supports unlimited parts and up to 64 MIDI channels (stand-alone or with supporting hosts).

  • Unlimited polyphony and ultra-low software latency.

  • Disk streaming (per part) conserves RAM resources and quickens load times.

  • Supports all major Mac/PC plug-in formats. Stand-alone version included.

  • Superb sound quality with the 32-bit UVI Engine XT – acclaimed worldwide for its lush and powerful sound.

  • Fast operation – instant access to all parameters in one window.

  • Multitimbral – create stacks and layers in seconds.

  • Expert mode – add, remove and layer instruments on the fly, as you play.

  • Individual controls for each instrument, loop and phrase, including ADSR envelope, LFO (for vibrato, tremolo, etc.), tone controls, tuning and velocity response.

  • Multis - create, save, load and share entire ensembles of any size and scope.

  • Version 1 compatibility ensures that if you upgrade to Version 2, all Version 1 compositions remain intact.

Submix to 17 stereo output pairs

  • MAS

  • VST (Mac & PC)

  • RTAS (Mac & PC)

  • Audio Units

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